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Natural Communities Circle B Bar Reserve has 3 Main Habitats:

Oak Hammock

As you enter this property, you'll see large oaks with branches full of Spanish moss and resurrection ferns. The size of the oaks and the deep green of the resurrection fern after a rain often overshadow the value of this habitat to wildlife. The hammock provides shade and shelter to wildlife during the heat of the day, from insects to cavity nesters such as the great horned owl.

Freshwater Wetlands

The most diverse wildlife areas are scattered seasonal marshes. These shallow wetlands harbor many insects and reptiles, which attract animals higher in the food chain, such as wading birds and alligators.

Banana Creek Marsh

This marsh area is composed of about 400 acres. Since earthwork restoration has been completed and some vegetation has been planted, new nesting and foraging sites for a variety of birds has been enhanced.

Fun Fact

Florida's state tree is the cabbage palm, and you can see this stately tree dotting the landscape at Circle B Bar Reserve.